About the Travelers

Jess and Derek currently live in Buffalo, NY, having moved to the area from Cambridge, MA in 2016. They both like exploring the Buffalo area by foot, but are also interested in adventures far from home. Time (he teaches at a university; she’s a higher ed admin) and money prevent them from traveling as much as they’d like, but they can be crafty. This blog covers their attempts to travel the world—while staying in Buffalo (or, in earlier posts, in the Boston-area).

Jess grew up in New York City and moved to Boston for college to study creative writing. She left to get her MFA in creative writing in Pittsburgh, but found herself homesick for Boston, so she moved back after graduation. Her favorite memory of traveling is eating at Cantonese dessert shops in Hong Kong with her family. She’s been a vegetarian for over 15 years.

Derek grew up north of Boston, and went to college just west of Boston, studying composition. He studied abroad one year in England, at Oxford. He finished a Ph.D. in musicology in 2016. He fondly remembers many things from his travels, but if forced to pick one, he’ll choose sitting on the high crags of Arthur’s Seat looking out over the city of Edinburgh.

Jess and Derek met in Boston in July 2012, and got married in November 2014 in Cambridge. Their first “real” international trip together was their April 2015 honeymoon to England, where they visited London, Oxford and Brighton. It was a wonderful time, and they definitely want to do more international travel, time and money permitting. In the meantime, they’ll be plotting their adventures closer to home.

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