What’s going on here?

Trying to find things to do in New England during the winter is challenging, especially when one doesn’t like winter sports. The holidays are busy enough, but after the New Year, options are limited. It’s too cold to go on a walk and pack a picnic. Tickets to museums, movies and other shows get costly.

I get restless easily. Staying in the entire weekend—or even an entire day—does not sound relaxing to me if I don’t have a project of some sort. Every so often, I get what I can only describe as wanderlust. I love Boston, but during those phases I feel the need to get out.

Travel can get expensive, especially when you add in accommodations and meals. We don’t have cars because our everyday lives don’t require them, so we’d have to factor in car rental costs if we wanted to go somewhere that isn’t reachable by public transportation.

Derek is more relaxed than I am, but he’d also prefer to be active rather than just sitting at home. He was the one who came up with the idea: if we couldn’t travel as much as we’d like, we could with some research, bring places to us. We could search for cultural centers and events, markets, and restaurants. We could teach ourselves to make dishes or even maybe some crafts. We could find movies to rent.

To keep track of which countries we’ve covered, we’ll try to go alphabetically. Some of these will be much easier than others. We may throw our hands up when it comes to the most obscure places. I, for one, haven’t heard of many of these countries.

Winter will eventually end, but we hope to keep this project going year-round, though we’re bound to get distracted by other events going on in our lives. If you have any suggestions, please let us know!

First up: Afghanistan.

– Jess

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